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All Blacks-Kangaroos game might cost $50 to view

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The All Blacks, visualized performing a haka at the 2019 Rugby World Cup, might play the Australian Kangaroos rugby league group in a $8 million hybrid game.

A Sydney paper has cast doubt on the chances of an All Blacks-Kangaroos hybrid rugby match taking place this year and has actually specified pay-for-view tickets would cost $50

Veteran Sunday Telegraph rugby league reports Phil Rothfield wrote that “footy fans would be punched $50 to see … just like a major battle or UFC occasion”.

A match between the All Blacks and Rugby League World Cup champs Australia has been mooted for Brisbane for December 5, with both organisers desperate for cash after the Covid-19 lockdown.

The Sydney Early Morning Herald reported on Saturday that NRL clubs had concerns about the component and Rothfield has actually likewise revealed doubts it will happen prior to 2021.


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Rothfield said promoters needed to raise $6 million from television sales – and get $6 million from the Queensland Government and tourist sectors – to pay the NRL and New Zealand Rugby $8 million each.

But, he said a pay-for-view TELEVISION offer would “deal with legal issues since free-to-air broadcaster Channel 9 has the rights to all international rugby league”.

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NRL clubs could supposedly hesitate to release players for a match in between the rugby union All Blacks and the rugby league Australian Kangaroos.

There might also be a reaction with “lots of footy fans having a hard time in the Covid-19 environment to even put food on the table, let alone needing to pay to enjoy an exhibit game”.

Rothfield said it was uncertain the video game would go ahead this year, with Queensland’s state borders closed and a 25,000 optimum capability at Brisbane’s Suncorp Arena due to the coronavirus pandemic limitations.

“There is more opportunity of a 2021 fixture, but not always in Brisbane.”

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Kalyn Ponga, who has revealed a desire to bet the All Blacks, might bet them in a hybrid video game between the New Zealand rugby union group and rugby league’s Australian Kangaroos.

However Rothfield alerted “the biggest hurdle is the NRL clubs”.

“Many of them think they have no obligation to release their stars unless it is for State of Origin or worldwide rugby league occasions.”

New Zealand Rugby has actually expressed its interest in the hybrid match, but chief executive Mark Robinson said just recently the ball was securely in the NRL’s court.

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