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Barbers have their work cut out as appeal industry opens in the middle of lockdown

By Sam Spiller 9h back

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It’s hair-raising stakes for South Africa’s beauty sector as barber stores and hair salons reopen and adjust to brand-new health and wellness standards.

For Yogi’s Barber Shop on Buitengracht Street in Cape Town’s CBD, the reopening has totaled up to a brand-new experience for consumers and owner Yogesh Govan and his group.

” We’re really glad to be back,” Govan said. “Work was extraordinary this week since there were loads of people waiting for a hairstyle.”

A customer waits on his hair to be cut.

A family-run business that has been around for more than a century, Yogi’s reopened on Monday, following the publication of the government’s brand-new health and social distancing guidelines.

” I came in on Saturday. My shop hadn’t been running for three months. We deep cleaned the place and then we opened on Monday.”

South Africa’s charm sector is the most recent to reopen under modified level 3 lockdown policies.

Formerly able to accommodate nine clients, the barber store now only serves 3 at a time. In addition to basic precaution such as hand sanitisers, gloves and masks, the barber store does not use hairdryers or towels. Each station is sanitised after each client and physical contact is kept to a minimum. “It is a big dive, however it’s still working,” Govan said.

He stated some customers took issue with the no mask, no entry requirement, though clients can eliminate them during a cut.

A major change has been the introduction of an appointments system in addition to the traditional walk-in service.

A visits system is recommended by the federal government’s guidelines and there are platforms that are assisting regional organisations present this.

Fleeker, a site run by a group of UCT students, serves as a portal for businesses to reach customers and for them to make consultations.

The idea for a website was one of saving time.

” We hated standing in long lines at our barber when we might be doing other things with our time,” said Fleeker co-founder and UCT economics trainee, Asonele Gevenga. “Our very first site went reside in September2018 It was a testing site, extremely standard, however by the end of October we had more than 100 users, individuals who had made reservations utilizing it. We then chose to construct a better website and we spent 2019 doing that.”

It’s hair-raising stakes for South Africa’s beauty sector as barber shops and salons resume and adapt to brand-new health and security standards.

Fast-forward to 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic, Fleeker could serve an adjusted, though crucial purpose.

” We built Fleeker to help with social distancing for beauty parlor and target the whole of South Africa,” Gevenga stated.

According to Gevenga, the website now logs more than 450 consultations and hosts 29 various services in Mowbray and Observatory, with 15 extra ones currently being validated.

On The Other Hand, some Capetonians have required to cutting their own hair, such as CBD resident Nadim Nyker. “I have actually always been extremely pedantic about my hair, so it was a big step for me. It was just ending up being excessive to manage so I chose to purchase a set of clippers.”

After watching videos on YouTube, Nyker felt confident providing himself a trim. “The back can be a bit difficult however you have actually got to have faith,” he said.

That sentiment was echoed by Edgemead resident Megan Ellis, who offered herself a trim. “I do not wish to risk unconsciously spreading it or exposing myself and therefore my household to the virus,” she stated.

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