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Coronavirus Victoria: Trials underway for T-Scan temperature scanner

Aged care crisis, young people in the ICU and mandatory masks – Victoria is on a terrifying COVID trajectory. How will it end?

Oliva Social owner Adam Cursio is using a hi-tech thermo-scanning device to protect his business from COVID-19. Picture: David Geraghty/NCA NewsWire

A hi-tech temperature checking device that can scan up to 30 people a minute is being trialled in Victorian businesses and a major hospital as COVID-19 continues to spread across the state.

The iPad sized thermal imaging device scans customers on their way into a store, letting off a beep if a person’s temperature is too high.

Oliva Social owner Adam Cursio has started using the technology, developed by T-Scan thermometric body scanning solutions, at his bar in Preston. He said the “contactless” way of detecting temperature acted as an “extra security measure” against COVID-19.

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“As long as there are cases around we’ll be using it,” he said.

“It’s not as invasive as a nasal swab – it just sits on a tripod and scans people as they come through the door and if it beeps we just send a staff member to talk to the patron.”

Bar owner Adam Cursio is using new thermo-scanning technology that can scan up to 30 people a minute at his Preston business. Picture: David Geraghty/NCA NewsWire

Darebin aged care pandemic officer Lina Messina is pushing for the device to be mandatory across nursing home facilities.

“So many active cases in aged care have come from staff, this device acts as another layer of PPE to protect the community,” she said.

“Eventually when restrictions ease and if we have this technology in bars, businesses and aged-care people will feel safe going into these places.

“We need the vibrancy back in our community, we need to support our small businesses and most importantly we need people to feel safe.”

T-Scan director Chris Coppin said the device, which has a retail price of $4,200, was under trial at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

“This is a solution to help support businesses, particularly health and aged-care facilities because the device can act as a form of sign-in,” he said.

“We need to start thinking about these solutions because COVID-19 could be something we have to live with for a long time and people want security that we’re they’re going is safe of the disease.”


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