The Moon. For much of human history, she has actually been a symbol of the magnificent womanly, the celestial embodiment of emotion, intuition, and time’s natural rhythms. And since 1969, she has been soiled with dozens of little baggies of guys’s feces.

Yes, when Apollo 11 landed on the surface of the moon in 1969, the crew left behind Neil Armstrong’s iconic footprint, and likewise 96 bags of human waste. The Moon should have much better. To this end, NASA last week introduced the “Lunar Loo Difficulty,” urging the residents of Earth to develop a toilet for usage in its Artemis Program, whose lunar lander is scheduled to send the first woman and the next male to the Moon by2024

Previously, utilizing the bathroom aboard a space ship was a complicated affair. The team of the Apollo spacecraft didn’t have toilets at all. When they had to go, they peed into rubber tubes, and defecated in plastic bags with sticky rims that secured around their butts and then sealed shut.

” It was messy,” Mike Interbartolo, the job supervisor for the Lunar Bathroom Challenge who is working on the Human Lunar Lander System at NASA, informed the Edge “You didn’t have any smell control. The crew disliked it. It wasn’t easy to get a good seal on the bag without your buddy having to assist. And that’s just not the method we wish to return to the Moon 50- plus years later on.”

While area waste-management innovation has come a long method ever since, designing a toilet that operates in various levels of gravity is difficult. NASA has designed toilets that work in absolutely no gravity, like those aboard the International Spaceport Station, however they want the next lunar lander to have toilets that work both in absolutely no gravity and on Moon’s surface, which has one-sixth of the Earth gravity.

The winning toilet, NASA says, should be compact, peaceful, and energy effective, and able to accommodate a variety of human secretions, consisting of period blood, vomit, and diarrhea.

NASA has still not chosen which spacecraft it will use for the 2024 objective, and as Interbartolo acknowledges “Going to poop on the Moon is not a top concern, however we don’t want to make it a miserable experience for the team.”

Nor, ideally, will it be an unpleasant experience for the Moon, which has needed to sit with a big pile of men’s poo on her face for over 50 years. Please, don’t let her be disrespected anymore.

Pooping on the Moon Appears Like a Nightmare