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Rally Cycling name teams for Virtual Trip de France

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Rally Biking announced on Monday that they are amongst the 23 males’s and 16 women’s groups invited to contend in the Virtual Trip de France in July.

The race, due to take place on weekends in between July 4-19 on Zwift, has 6 stages for males and females utilizing 4 new courses developed particularly for the race, consisting of a simulation of Mont Ventoux to Chalet-Reynard and the Champs-Elysées circuit in Paris.

Rally Biking have existed in much of the high-level virtual races because the coronavirus pandemic called a stop to all real-world racing, handling the Digital Swiss 5, Women’s Trip V-Series 2020, and Zwift Tour for All.

Men’s group director Pat McCarty chose a well balanced nine-man group to switch out racing in the new format, which will see the ProTeam pitted versus top riders like Chris Froome, Greg Van Avermaet, Mathieu van der Poel and Marianne Vos.

” We chose the men’s roster based upon past experience with virtual racing, and those who are best fit to make an effect in the upcoming virtual Tour,” McCarty said. “We know that you do not require a large lineup to get a lead to e-racing, and so selecting a couple of people who we know can do well, and having them concentrate on just a number of e-races is the very best strategy for us.

” At the Zwift Tour for All, we saw some of our younger riders who are more familiar with the platform do well. There is a great deal of strategy included with understanding the courses (understanding when the resistance will start and to be near the front), knowing how to minimize the effort inside the draft and understanding how and when to utilize your power-ups.

” For example, in Stage 1 of the Zwift Tour for All, our young sprinter Pier-André Coté put fifth despite having the most affordable average watts per kilo of the riders in the front group. That really drives house his capability to engage with the platform while sustaining an effort.”

On the females’s side, director Zach Bell has actually been assisting his riders master the finer points of racing on Zwift such as preparing, power-ups and what kind of efforts to anticipate.

” We have actually found out that on Zwift, knowing and understanding the subtleties of the platform makes a big distinction,” Bell stated. “It’s a completely unforgiving form of racing where riders should operate at or above limit almost continuously. The riders on our roster will have the capability to handle their efforts at an incredibly high work rate and our company believe that will lead to the very best possible result for the group.

” Riders require to be tough and able to suffer pretty much from start to finish. Hiding and floating like you do in regular racing is not the very same on Zwift. You have to have the ability to consider your next move while constantly keeping pressure on the pedals. Tough riders who thrive on the limit are the riders we see doing well week in and week out. These qualities, in mix with good power to weight numbers over longer efforts, assist a rider consistently make the final selection.”

Rally Biking for the Virtual Tour de France

Men: Stephen Bassett, Rob Britton, Nate Brown, Pier-André Coté, Matteo Dal-Cin, Gavin Mannion, John Murphy, Kyle Murphy, Nickolas Zukowsky

Ladies: Sara Bergen, Allsion Beveridge, Krista Doebel-Hickok, Heidi Franz, Leigh Ann Ganzar, Megan Jastrab, Sara Poidevin, Emma White, Lily Williams

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