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SPCA investigates strange discarding of ITM store’s counter cat

The SPCA has actually released an examination into the discarding of a beloved store feline that had considered a lower North Island developing supplies store its home.

Rodney the tabby had been a routine sight on the counter at Central ITM in Marton for almost a decade, relaxing and sauntering about the store.

But two weeks ago he was abruptly kicked out of town, when the shop supervisor took him to a spot 15 kilometres north of Marton and left him there.

Rodney’s exile has actually sparked search parties near a reservoir where he was disposed of, and remains missing. And there has been much discussion on social networks whether the animal has been dumped or “set free”.

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Rodney the tabby, a familiar sight on the counter of Central ITM Marton for nearly 10 years.

However a SPCA spokeswoman says there is no debate. “Releasing” is returning a wild animal to its natural surroundings. Removing a companion animal from a familiar environment, and deserting it, is disposing.

Central ITM Marton’s branch manager has stepped down from the role and an inspector from the animal well-being charity is examining the event.

Central ITM owner Robert James decreased to comment, however in a reply to a Facebook post about Rodney, the shop apologised for what had taken place and promoted for the humane treatment of all animals.


Rodney in better times, asleep on his jersey at the ITM front counter.

“To the community, we hear you and we are doing everything in our power to apologize for the misstep taken.

“We would like to let the community understand that the actions of one does not specify the views of an entire company and ask that you acknowledge that our employees too have households and family pets of their own to enjoy, offer and safeguard.”

The store was working with feline rescue group Marton Moggies to look for and rehome Rodney, and was donating $1000 towards the company.

A worried ITM client who notified Things to the event, stated Rodney’s ill-treatment was heartbreaking.

“In these times and all the advertisements about animal ruthlessness, SPCA, and not to dispose animals, rehome if possible, how could such a thing be done?”

It’s unlawful to desert an animal in circumstances in which no arrangement is made to satisfy its physical, health and behavioural requirements under the Animal Well-being Act 1999.

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Lots of people in Marton are annoyed the ITM shop feline was dumped in the wild. The business has apologised and is assisting with the search for Rodney.

The SPCA spokeswoman stated while some individuals might believe” liberating” their family pet was in the animal’s benefits, deserting an animal was likely to compromise its welfare and was inappropriate.

Marton Moggies has actually received reported sightings of Rodney near where he was discarded, but is yet to discover him.

Traps have actually been set so the cat can be caught and rehomed, but some are fearing the worst. Animals deserted in unknown environments are susceptible to hunger, disease, injury and death.

ITM nationwide marketing supervisor Juliana Raven stated the matter had intensified more than required, influencing on the shop, their staff and households.


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