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The final launch to Mars for the next two years looked quite epic

See Percy fly–.

An Atlas V brought the Florida skies alive.

Eric Berger

  • Mars 2020 Perseverance rover is on its method.

  • The mighty “Boss” Atlas V 541 goes supersonic with our latest Mars rover.

  • The spectacular background is courtesy of the launch taking place just a couple hours after sunrise.

  • 4 solid-rocket motors and a single RD-180 engine produce a great deal of smoke and fire.

  • A lot smoke.

  • Therefore much fire.

  • Here’s a view of the launch in infrared.

  • The Atlas V rocket has actually released NASA’s previous four objectives to Mars.

  • This image provides a gorgeous view of the rocket releasing from Area Release Complex-41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

  • Love the pillar of smoke.

  • Four solids give the Atlas V rocket a kick off the pad.

  • Love this image.

  • An excellent perspective shows the rocket lifting off over the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Great vapor cone!

  • Goodbye, Percy!

On Thursday morning, an Atlas V rocket launched NASA’s latest rover, Perseverance, to Mars.

This marked the 3rd of 3 launches to the red world in 2020– following the UAE’s Hope and China’s Tianwen-1 objectives– and it came near the closing of this year’s month-long “window” to the red planet. During such a window, which comes around about every 26 months, spacecraft can follow an elliptical orbit such that they will arrive at the location in space where Mars will be 7 months from now– making the shortest possible journey to the red planet.

Even the tiniest missions to Mars require an effective rocket to launch, and this is particularly true for a rover that will be the biggest object NASA has ever attempted to arrive on the red planet’s surface area. Perseverance weighs a little bit more than a metric heap.

For this objective, NASA chose an Atlas V rocket with 4 strong rocket boosters.

Noting image by NASA

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