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The Third World President of America

Donald Trump

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A declaration from the grave and another from the presidential porch spoke to different point of views on America on 30 July. President Donald Trump wore the hat of a Third World leader as he embraced the deflection methods with which citizens in the Third World are familiar. Former Congressman John Lewis had words of caution to citizens to protect democracy and the ballot.

The 30 July statements have significance for the future. Before then, there remained in Nigeria the kite zipped governmental uncle Mamman Daura seeking tenure elongation but clothes it in a different attire.

Three months to an election that all the indications point to his losing, Donald Trump drifted the supreme conspiracy theory as he set a program for election postponement. Delay the Election until people can correctly, safely and safely vote???”

The Trump tweeter tirade raised issue all over the world. There was bipartisan rollback throughout America, Republicans as well as Democrats. Analysts pointed to the fact that no President has the constitutional power to alter America’s electoral calendar unilaterally.

Deutsche Welle, the German broadcaster, reported therefore: “After facing blowback for raising the concept, consisting of from Republicans in Congress, Trump appeared to stroll back his earlier remarks rather during a press conference in the future Thursday.

” Do I want to see a date changed, no,” he informed press reporters at the White Home. “But I don’t wish to see a jagged election.”

Trump’s remarks on Twitter came as his federal government on Thursday posted a 32.9%contraction of the US economy in between April and June, the worst decline on record since1947 Compared to the very same quarter of 2019, financial activity fell 9.5%.

The US president has actually routed his opposition, Democratic assumed candidate Joe Biden, in recent national and battleground state surveys, even coming precariously close in conventional Republican fortress like Texas, Arizona and Georgia.”

Please provide it to him. The Tweeter president made his remarks on an important day for his presidency.

Just the strength and history of American democracy has so far stopped Donald Trump from performing a Sani Abacha on the system.

Systems and institutions matter. As America competes with the antics of its Third World president, it would be explanatory to see how their systems and organizations handle this threat. Above all, it is up to individuals. It takes dedicated residents to build and sustain the right systems.

It is an act, and each generation needs to do its part to help build what we called the Beloved Neighborhood, a nation and world society at peace with itself. “Common people with extraordinary vision can redeem the soul of America by getting in what I call excellent trouble, required trouble.

Nigeria is now in its 21 st year of unbroken celebration politics and democracy.

Zoning and rotation are 2 methods our people and political players worked out to guarantee the nourishment of democracy in Nigeria.

Mamman Daura, the Candido of New Nigerian in earlier years and member of the Kaduna Mafia, flew a pernicious kite during the week.

Daura is a nephew of President Muhammadu Buhari.

One of the most telling is the pointer that PMB did not install the saddle based on benefit, as Daura now canvasses. He has actually ruled as the president of the North.

What is the real message of Mamman Daura? Power should move in 2023 to not just the South but particularly to the South East.

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