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The Web of Things and COVID-19

Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr.

In these moderns of innovation, the Web of Things seems the future as it currently improves great deals of devices utilized locally or in the professional world to be connected, therefore giving them the capability to carry out data exchange online.

It appears that we are simply at the start of what IoT might do. In 2017, the number of gadgets on IoT struck about 8.4 billion and expectations are that the figure will strike the 30 billion mark prior to 2020 goes out.

Beyond what the IoT can use us as people, companies are not likewise neglected of the mix. With IoT, organisations can gather and analyse data to ensure, performance, safety and excellent decision producing their ventures.

The IoT can likewise accelerate treatment, particularly, in times like these when the coronavirus has actually taken its toll on the human population. Advanced innovation such as the IoT can assist curb the spread of the disease.

In clear terms, the IoT is a system that has the affiliation of gadgets with network aspects, that include software application, hardware, and any other necessary electronic ways that enables them to be responsive, through data collection.

Discussing IoT is beyond the idea of systems that enable combination and exchange of information occurring in between a service provider and an individual in need. In this present pandemic, one of the essential difficulties, apart from discovering a vaccine, has actually been ineffectiveness, coming from not having the ability to reach COVID-19 clients.

With the application of IoT, it would be rather simple to reach patients, such that they will, eventually, receive excellent care from the results of the infection.

Now, going even more on what innovation can provide in this pandemic age, IoT itself is an ingenious technology that can be used to offer information and display systems of the COVID-19 epidemic. Asides that, the innovation can be utilized in combating challenges in this pandemic scenario by assisting to provide transparent treatment procedures for clients.

The IoT is a proven innovation that serves as a connection to the immediate analytics and the science behind artificial intelligence. The IoT in any common function serves as an energy appliance in real-life. Nevertheless, in this existing predicament that the world is dealing with, all countries are combating the pandemic, according to their capabilities, looking for economical ways to deal with the challenge, fair and square.

Researches are going on in different quarters and attempts are being made to develop new theories and develop descriptions that are user-centred.

In the existing scenario that the world has actually found itself, the figures of contaminated patients keep increasing day by day in lots of nations of the world. This requires a need to utilize the facilities offered through the Internet of Things.

In some European countries, the IoT has actually already been put to good usage by serving the desired purpose in numerous domains through the Internet of Medical Things or the Web of Healthcare Things. With these two centers and merely following health standards, there can be a drastic reduction in the variety of cases.

The capability of IoT guarantees that the generality of contaminated individuals can be quarantined. In the procedure of the quarantine, there is a need for a system that can make sure correct monitoring. The IoT assurances that high-risk clients can be tracked with ease through its Internet-based network. The IoT, as a technology, can also be utilized in measuring some biometrics such as heartbeat and high blood pressure.

Overall, the IoT can assist to combat the pandemic through reduced costs on treatment, decrease in opportunities of making mistakes, guarantee of effective diagnosis and control.

On the successful application of the IoT, there would be a noticeable improvement in the efficiency of health employees, coupled with a lowered workload.

The IoT can be used for monitoring and capturing the health data in numerous remote areas where COVID-19 clients can be discovered. A virtual management system remains in location to handle the gotten data and an can be done for follow up.

The IoT leverages the interconnected networks to produce effective information flow and exchange. The innovation helps patients, health workers and federal government firms to get linked for cooperation and conversation of challenges.

Making use of the IoT during this pandemic assurances an effective tracing of the contaminated clients, not excluding the suspicious ones. Through the development of a connected network that is thoroughly informed, it could be quite easy to pick out clusters.

Some particular kinds of smartphone-based applications can likewise be developed so that it infects an average COVID-19 client. The IoT ensures proper reporting of the COVID-19 symptoms such that actions can be adopted to optimise this period of the pandemic.

To, therefore, beat the difficulty postured by the pandemic, the level of awareness must be first heightened, with all sense of seriousness as seen in some countries whose average residents believes that the pandemic is just an invention of individuals’s imagination, or rather a way for the federal government of the day to siphon public funds.

You can not urge people to accept IoT to solve a pandemic situation, when they do not even think that it exists in the very first location. The next step is to make the technology very available. In China, for example, there is a mobile application that informs the app holder, if any COVID-19 individual is nearby. So, asides from using the face mask in public places, the IoT keeps you alert to avoid a carrier of the virus.

In summary, the IoT utilizes multiple interconnected devices, to build a helpful and smart network for a reliable health care management, particularly, for times like these.

Having the capability to inform and track other illness, aside COVID-19, hence, assisting to improve the safety of the citizens are enabled with IoT, particularly, in assisting to record required data, without having any human contacts.

The supposed giant of Africa, our dear nation ought to be leading Africa in delivering first-rate, healthcare services driven by hi-tech but alas, we not even able to pay health care employees good salaries. The prodding question is who will bell the cat?

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