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Unusual New Species Discovered in Void at The Bottom of The Pacific Ocean


1 JULY 2020

Researchers have discovered four brand-new types and 2 brand-new genera living in the deep, abyssal landscape that lines the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

The Clarion-Clipperton Zone (CCZ), a large, recessed fracture zone covering some 4.5 million square kilometres (1.7 million square miles) of the central Pacific, is considered something of a prize in the mining sector due to its abundance of important metals and unusual earth minerals deposited in polymetallic nodules along the sea bed.

Yet ancient minerals aren’t the only things of wonder down here. In a brand-new research study, researchers report the recognition of a variety of deep-sea creatures unknown to science before now, living at depths higher than 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) below the ocean’s surface area.

The specimens in question are called xenophyophores, a clade of giant, single-celled protozoans that belong to the class foraminifera.

Xenophyophores are one of the most common kinds of big life-forms discovered along the CCZ abyssal plains, and while they have actually been described considering that the late 19 th century, there’s not an awful lot we understand about them, mostly due to the severe depths at which they live.

Moanammina semicircularis on the seafloor. (Jennifer Durden/Craig Smith/DeepCCZ Task)

” These 4 brand-new types and 2 new genera have actually increased the variety of described xenophyophores in the CCZ abyss to 17 (22 percent of the worldwide overall for this group), with many more known however still undescribed,” states marine ecologist Andrew Gooday from the National Oceanography Centre in the UK.

” This part of the Pacific Ocean is plainly a hotspot of xenophyophore variety.”

Among the new discoveries is the new genus Abyssalia, called after the void in which it hides. In a 2018 expedition aboard the Recreational Vehicle Kilo Moana in 2018 in the western CCZ, the researchers discovered 2 Abyssalia species: A. foliformis and A. sphaerica

These xenophyophores have actually shells called tests, made up of tiny particles glued together. In the case of Abyssalia, the shells are made from a homogeneous mesh of sponge spicules, with no unique surface layer.

A. sphaerica takes on a round shape– looking like a somewhat matted dandelion– while A. foliformis embodies a flatter, leaf-like shape.

The other new genus recognized, Moanammina, took its name from Moana, suggesting ‘ocean’ in Hawaiian, Maori, and other Polynesian languages.

Unknown ‘mudball’ xenophyophore. (Gooday et al., EJP, 2020)

Moanammina semicircularis has a stalked, fan-shaped test, while another new species, Psammina tenuis, coming from the genus Psammina, has a delicate, thin, plate-like test.

The researchers likewise found what they recommend could be an unique xenophyophore in a spherical ‘mudball’ shape, however unfortunately its mudball-like structure broke down before a comprehensive evaluation might verify its identity.

As images go, it’s not a bad metaphor for the delicate, little-understood environment these xenophyophores inhabit at the deep recesses of the CCZ.

” We see them everywhere on the seafloor in various shapes and sizes. They clearly are extremely essential members of the rich biological neighborhoods living in the CCZ,” states oceanographer Craig Smith from the University of Hawai’i Mānoa, the chief researcher on the RV Kilo Moana cruise.

” Among other things they supply microhabitats and possible food sources for other organisms. We need to discover a lot more about the ecology [of] these unusual protozoans if we want to fully understand how seafloor mining may impact these seafloor neighborhoods.”

The findings are reported in European Journal of Protistology


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